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Eggs – My keto go to item

I have found that having some go to items  stocked and ready helps tremendously to stay on plan. If you are not sensitive to eggs they can be a keto life saver because of their versatility and portability. Most successful keto dieters I have met stick with some core ingredients and foods and repeat those, if you do this it is critical that you buy organic and do your research on your proteins. Consider – how are the animals treated? how much room do they have to roam? what is their diet? Make a list of the foods you tend to use often and do some research. Yes, most ideal items are more expensive, get over it and spend the money. It will pay off in the long run by keeping you healthier and happier.

When buying eggs look for pasture raised. These chickens are able to roam and get ample sun and forage. I have read that cage free chickens still may be crammed in tight quarters and live stressed out lives. If there is a farmer close to you that sells eggs from pasture raised hormone free chickens that is ideal! A fresh egg from a hen that spends most of its time pecking around in open pasture is a wonderful thing to eat: deeply flavorful, with a bright yellow or orange yolk. These eggs are awesome and worth seeking out. If you are buying from a grocery, again do your research. Here is one I buy at my local market.



How I use eggs as a go to item

  • On Sundays I hard boil a bunch and peel them – These keep in fridge nicely all week for grab and go item
  • Eggs are great for breakfast, lunch or dinner 
    • Scrambled with sausage and spinach
    • Over easy with another protein such as sausage or bacon placed on top of cauliflower rice – Seriously its awesome just try it with some hot sauce!
    • Fried with ghee adding a side of nitrate free bacon and tomato slices
    • Omelet with cheese and favorite veggies – I like broccoli and muchrooms
    • Some mornings I just have a few hard boiled with pepper – Delish!
    • Hard boiled eggs on top of my salad greens
    • Deviled eggs – The grocery store near me has organic deviled eggs…they are the bomb!
    • Cauliflower Fried Rice – here is a recipe ( I use the whole egg not just the white and add butter)
      • If you do not have time to make cauliflower rice birds eye has a pretty good frozen product

The hard boiled eggs are so portable that I try not to forget to do those on Sunday. In a pinch you can get hard boiled eggs at grocery or convenience store but try to stick with the good stuff if you can.

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