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Keto on the Go!

Sometimes being prepared does not happen…

There have been many times already on this Keto journey where my preparations have been less than spectacular. Because of this I have figured out a few things when I do not have a packed lunch or dinner and I am on the road. If you are out visiting clients and prospects the busy schedule can lead to doom! Well, maybe not doom but it can make your temptation to get something not on plan greater.

Here is a great option when you start your day or are into your day without a packed Keto option

My go to place when I find myself without a lunch or dinner is a grocery store, especially one with a deli or ideally a salad bar. I tend to avoid the fast food keto options that are posted out there because temptation looms for me once I enter a drive thru. I am not a sweets guy but salty, savory, and greasy fast food is something that I crave and it is better off to not venture into such a tempting arena. The nice thing about a grocery store is you can stop in before your lunch or before dinner and thoughtfully pick some items out and have ready for when your hunger strikes. Here are some of my grocery grabs:

  • Salad bar – If the grocery store has this go for it! be sure to add enough fat (avacado, oil) and stay away from the pasta/potato salads!
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Deviled eggs – This is a personal fav
  • Easy open cans or pouches of tuna/salmon
  • Cheese sticks – I am not sensitive to dairy so this will work for me
  • Avocado



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