Keto Diet


Doing a Keto Diet

Starting the new year I am sharing my journey and insights on the ketogenic diet. If you are new to the Keto diet I suggest reading books by Maria Emmerich. There are other low carb writers that have some interesting insights also like Dave Asprey of bulletproof coffee fame. I have been doing a bulletproof coffee for my breakfast for some time now and I have to say it is a pretty awesome way to start my day. I get excellent mental clarity during my morning and have drastically reduced my sugar/carb cravings. I was doing the slow-carb diet before I went full keto, slow carb is suggested by Tim Ferris in his book 4 hour body, and had some nice results but stalled out eventually. I struggle with carb cravings especially at night and the keto diet helps tremendously with that issue. I will keep you posted of favorite recipes and other tips I have learned following this lifestyle. One concern I had when I started was that I do not have a gallbladder….my years of pizza only in college took their toll and I lost mine early in life. I take a digestive enzyme supplement and it really has made the transition to higher fat just fine for my digestive system. Thorne brand is what I am currently taking before lunch and dinner. If you have no gallbladder or gallbladder issues I strongly suggest adding this to your routine.









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