Keto Diet

Testing levels of ketones

Using ketone test strips

Being a few weeks into this keto diet I wanted to check to see if I was in ketosis. Researching in the keto communities revealed some methods; from checking your urine to doing a blood or breath test. On Amazon I picked out a best seller urine test strip kit to try. From what I understand this is not the most accurate method but certainly an easy and less expensive method to start out. As your body begins producing ketones they will not all be used up. These will spill over into your urine and you can estimate possible ketosis with color change on the urine strip. These strips indicate levels of Acetoacetate (AcAc) in particular. This is the brand I purchased and the guys site has some helpful videos.

There are a fair amount of YouTube videos on testing with Ketone test strips and there is also some pretty good information why it is an ok measure but not the most accurate. Here is my test today, it shows some color on the strip. I definitely had a darker test a few days back but this still shows I have some AcAc in my urine.


 If you do not have a test kit yet there are some signs/symptoms that may indicate you are in Ketosis

  • Weight loss – I experienced some fairly rapid weight loss at first as my body switched from being a sugar burner. I also experienced a significant diuretic effect of the keto diet, you need to stay properly hydrated and make sure that you have your electrolytes in check. My ring was fairly loose on my finger after about a week into the diet so I know I was losing water.
  • Mental Clarity – At first I felt kind of foggy and tired when I started reducing my carbs and adding the fat required but after a few days I really experienced awesome brain function and increased energy than I had pre-diet.
  • Decrease in hunger – For me being a carb addict this was the most suprising symptom. usually I battle my will power and fail! But in Ketosis I do not. The feeling of satiety is a pleasant surprise.
  • Funky Breath – I got this…not the coolest but staying hydrated reduced the effect. Oil pulling helped with this also – Check it out!


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